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Announcement New Minecraft server
Hello members of Kata-Kai! I am pleased to announce that we now have a minecraft server.
The server is still in the early stages and is a W.I.P. We're on spigot 1.13.2 atm.

Server IP: play.kata-kai.online
Here is my guide on how to allocate more ram to your minecraft client. This is useful for when you play with mods that use lots of ram and will stop your game from lagging and crashing.

First get into your minecraft launcher and click launch Options:
Announcement Xbox live login
Hello members of Kata-Kai! I am pleased to announce that you can now login to the forums using xbox live. You can also login using discord in case you didn't know.
Allow me to review a show called cobra kai staring Ralph Macchio and Willam Zabka. As the two main protagonist's Cobra kai is a continuation from the movie, the karata kid. Its based 30 years later with the same two protagonist's.
Meet Johhny Lawrence, (Willam Zabka) a semi alcoholic who still hasn't gotten over his defeat against Daniel Larruso (ralph macchio) at the all vally under 18's karate championship. Basically, Johnny lost his job, his car, got hit by a hit and run then it turns out, that it was Daniel Larusso's daughter who was involved. Johnny then decided to start his own dojo then after a while his rent goes up in price because of Daniel. so he met a guy/kid who lives where Johnny also lives and so he ends up becoming one of Johnny's students who turns out to be his best student.....
Information Discord Server
Dear members of Kata-Kai! if you didn't know already, we have a discord server which you can join via this invite link: https://discord.gg/jg5VK84
Information Website Rules
(1) No spamming
(2) No begging
(3) Be respectful
(4) Always respect staff members
(5) No impersonating other users/staff members
(6) No hacking (this includes ddos, gaining access to other users account and server)
(7) Use common sense
(8) No racism
(9) No insults (swearing is allowed but keep it to a minimum)
(10) Don't harass other members
(11) Don't post content containing pornography material
Information About Us
Welcome to Kata-Kai! We were once a minecraft server that eventually shutdown so I decided to make a new website. With this website/community you can talk about whatever you want, whether its gaming, martial arts, mental health or anything really. The theme is based around martial arts but you don't need to be into martial arts if you still want to stay here.

I hope in due time that we will one day succeed as a community and have much to talk about in the future!