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frutmonkey's Helper Application

Discussion in 'Helper Applications' started by frutmonkey, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. frutmonkey

    frutmonkey Newbie *

    How many hours per week do you spend on the website?:
    around 7-8 hours
    When did you first join the website?:
    Mar 28, 2019
    Tell us a bit about yourself:
    I'm currently 16, i'm home-schooled so i can be on whenever needed. I live in America, in the Eastern Time Zone.​
    Why should we choose you to become a helper?:
    Even though i'm young, i'am very responsible and have a vast knowledge of minecraft since i've been playing since 2011. I'm very friendly and always ready to help. Even if i don't get selected, i'll be sure to still help out on the server.​
  2. Tiger-Kai

    Tiger-Kai Owner Staff Member Owner * MOD

  3. BlueSteelAU

    BlueSteelAU Server Admin Staff Member *

    need to be more active on the server 1 day isn't long enough lol.. please try again later.. at the moment its a NO from me
  4. frutmonkey

    frutmonkey Newbie *

    this was my mistake, on the application it said something along the lines of "how long have you been on the WEBSITE, so i thought it meant on this website, not the server. To clarify, i've been on the server for a few weeks now. Sorry for any confusion!
  5. BlueSteelAU

    BlueSteelAU Server Admin Staff Member *

    sorry i've been off for almost a week (medical reasons) but I don't remember seeing you on the server..
  6. frutmonkey

    frutmonkey Newbie *

    i’m sorry to hear that, hope you’re doing better! i’m sure if you ask some of the community they’ll recognize my username. I can’t think of the exact date I joined the server but I believe it was early/mid February.

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