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Krishpy's Moderator Application

Discussion in 'Moderator Applications' started by Krishpy, Dec 3, 2018.

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  1. Krishpy

    Krishpy Newbie *

    How many hours per week do you spend on the website?:
    When did you first join the website?:
    Dec 3, 2018
    Tell us a bit about yourself:
    I was born in Australia 17 years ago and raised in Australia by my biological super ethnic parents for which I am very glad to have around. I consider myself to be extremely into gaming, most of the time I play big titles and sometimes I play underappreciated classics such as Cup Head or Stellaris, basically a wide range of gaming genres. I do like to stay active and play for my local soccer club and occasionally go out with all my mates but I feel as though year 12 is a time to sit down and focus on my last year and a half of school. But for me, Minecraft will be a getaway from the stress that school might bestow upon me… cringe sorry. But I also like to stay active in social media, keep up with global issues and browse for some saucy memes. Many people believe I do well at school, but it would seem quite cocky to think the same so I believe otherwise. Not only because others say so but because I also feel quite lazy when it comes to getting tasks done. I am very interested in computers; both hardware and software and hope to further my knowledge of how technical computers are. My Goals are to finish university and end up as a pharmacist in a hospital.​
    Why should we choose you to become a Moderator?:
    I've been with the server since it was known as Psychotic-hell, and have stuck with the server more than any other, the reason why I am applying is because I hope that everyone saw me as a reliable and trustworthy staff member, I can commit way more to Kata-Kai now since I have finished my exams and holidays have started, I am in prime condition to look after the community, just as i was doing before. That is if everyone else approves and I have gained each and every members trust within the community, thanks for taking your time to read this.
    -Former poop shooter for Psychotic-Hell and world renowned rapper that will not be sent to jail​
  2. Tiger-Kai

    Tiger-Kai Owner Staff Member Owner * MOD

  3. oO_ICE_Oo

    oO_ICE_Oo Forum Mod Staff Member MOD

    You where a fantastic mod. now that your exams are over I'd love to have you back as a moderator!

    its a YES from me
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  4. Krishpy

    Krishpy Newbie *

    Thanks a lot Ice :)
  5. Tiger-Kai

    Tiger-Kai Owner Staff Member Owner * MOD

  6. Trancy

    Trancy Forum Mod Staff Member MOD

    hmm.... I don't really know you all that well I came in late into PH , and then only as a player. I'll trust ICE's opinion. and say sure but on a months trial.. I do seem to recall you had a few run in's with blue steel but can't remember what about so hopefully it's all good now.

    so my vote is YES but on trial till I see how you do
  7. BlueSteelAU

    BlueSteelAU Server Admin Staff Member *

    It's ok Trancy, most of Krishpy's and my interactions were helping teach him what to do and what not to do. I think (hope) he's learned from those experiences :)

    My vote is YES if it even matters
  8. Krishpy

    Krishpy Newbie *

    I really appreciate and look up to all you guys, thank you for believing in me :)
  9. LieutenantSarge

    LieutenantSarge Newbie *

    You were a great mod and were pretty active. I don’t have much playtime with you but I’ve heard good things and going by the things I’ve seen, you should be back on the team. It’s a YES from me.
  10. Tiger-Kai

    Tiger-Kai Owner Staff Member Owner * MOD

    Admin Post
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