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littledog1976's Helper Application

Discussion in 'Helper Applications' started by littledog1976, Nov 17, 2018.

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  1. littledog1976

    littledog1976 Donator *

    How many hours per week do you spend on the website?:
    5-6( when ever i can get on really )
    When did you first join the website?:
    Oct 11, 2018
    Tell us a bit about yourself:
    Hi, my name is Alex Waterbury I am an 11-year-old boy. I am a gamer that is in 5th grad AP. I am a donator to this server. I am a nice person for the most part.​
    Why should we choose you to become a helper?:
    The reason I want to become a helper is to help other. even telling a player how to open the shop helps them I say give what you have intell you have nothing else to give. I would try to make the sever fun for everyone. As a helper, I would stop spammers. I would clear the chat asap if someone puts there privet information which I have seen happen.

    That's all I have to say have a good day by

  2. littledog1976

    littledog1976 Donator *

    sorry if i had bad spelling/grammar
  3. Tiger-Kai

    Tiger-Kai Owner Staff Member Owner * MOD

  4. Trancy

    Trancy Forum Mod Staff Member MOD

    how could you have.. the WEBSITE has only been up a couple of months
    i'm sure you mean this game server

    I don't really know you yet. you need to be online and on call a lot when you become staff and the server is then relying on you a lot to make it the best it can be

    good intentions and right attitude goes a long way. but how they ate utalised is the thing. how people get dragged into conflicts and imature behavour is also the key. plewase note that IF / WHEN you do get accepted immature argumentative , hostile behavour will not me tollerated by any staff and you could / will find your self out of the staff position you've worked to hard to attain. it doesn't take much, i know age is no judge of maturity.. i'll have to watch you ingame and after you get the position if you do get it. At the moment though i can't see any reason why you shouldn't get it.. but please just be carefull.

    After all of that i'll vote YES: Trial period of no less than 1 month then and only then if you still have the position should it be made perminent until/if/when you do something wrong after being told unless its a no brainer and that we can see that your actions were intentional and knowingly abusive of the position or any general staff.. remember your representing the server not yourself when you become staff
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  5. oO_ICE_Oo

    oO_ICE_Oo Forum Mod Staff Member MOD

    A trial period sounds good to me. Also never use ages as a factory when looking at applications, I look at actions and reactions.
    but If you are accepted i'd like for you to use spellcheck on your forum posts though. You don't need perfect Grammar and spelling (I don't) but spellcheck will clean up your posts a lot.

    Its a YES. From me
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  6. littledog1976

    littledog1976 Donator *

    thanks for your feedback and i do use spell check
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  7. TTV.GB_GoldenOCE

    TTV.GB_GoldenOCE Newbie *

    Awesome @littledoge1976 Good Luck I love the applicartion if i would be admin i would definintly give a yes but im not unfortunaitly lol :D But yeah good luck!
  8. Tiger-Kai

    Tiger-Kai Owner Staff Member Owner * MOD

    Admin Post
    After careful consideration, I have decided to set this to denied, due to lack of effort in the application. You may reapply in 2 weeks and if you do please provide more information.
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