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My cobra kai review

Discussion in 'Tv shows' started by Tiger-Kai, Oct 25, 2018.

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    My Cobra Kai review

    Allow me to review a show called cobra kai staring Ralph Macchio and Willam Zabka. As the two main protagonist's Cobra kai is a continuation from the movie, the karata kid. Its based 30 years later with the same two protagonist's.
    Meet Johhny Lawrence, (Willam Zabka) a semi alcoholic who still hasn't gotten over his defeat against Daniel Larruso (ralph macchio) at the all vally under 18's karate championship. Basically, Johnny lost his job, his car, got hit by a hit and run then it turns out, that it was Daniel Larusso's daughter who was involved. Johnny then decided to start his own dojo then after a while his rent goes up in price because of Daniel. so he met a guy/kid who lives where Johnny also lives and so he ends up becoming one of Johnny's students who turns out to be his best student. Eventually he then has to find more students in order to pay for the rent to his dojo. He also has a son, that he hadn't really seen for many years, who doesn't like his dad Johnny and so his son ends up trying to make his dad pay by getting a job at daniel's car dealership.

    Meet Daniel Larusso. It seems after defeating Johnny 30 years ago his life has been perfect. He is rich, has a wife, a big house and owns his own car dealership. Everything was going as planned in his life then one day he is sitting by the traffic lights in his car and see's a little strip mall. Within the strip mall he see's the cobra kai logo and name. He then has a flash back to when he was young getting bullied by Johnny. Daniel basically wants to do everything in his power to get cobra kai shutdown, which includes getting the price of cobra kai's rent up.

    The show blew my mind. Before I watched it, I thought it was going to suck, (or not be very good) but then i forced myself to watch in one day and fell in love with it, On the very first episode. The characters are funny, interesting and fun to watch. If you're a fan of the original karate kid movie then you'll love this, but even if you're not, you should still enjoy it, but may not make as much sense to you if you haven't watch the original movie.

    Each episode runs for approximately twenty to thirty minutes and there is 10 episodes to watch. Shortly after cobra kai series got released it was renewed for a second season which apparently will come out some time in 2019. I highly recommend everyone to give it a shot and have fun. The first two episodes are free to watch on youtube, but if you want to watch the other eight episodes, you'll need a youtube premium subscription.

    I hope I didn't spoil too much, but I just felt I had to write a review about the show because I loved it so much that I have watched it several times and can't wait for season two to come out in 2019.


    About 5 hours or a little more


    Willam Zabka (johhny Lawrence)
    Ralph Macchio(Daniel Larusso)
    Mary Mouser (Daniels daughter)
    Courtney Henggeler (Daniels Wife)
    Xolo Maridueña (Johnny's karate student)
    Tanner Buchanan (Johnny's son)

    My review score 9.5/10
  2. sigh

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    Pretty much the same with me, Kobra Kai is surprisingly fantastic, I too thought it wouldn’t go so well but I’m glad I was mistaken and I can’t wait for season two as well - sigh
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